I’ve discovered another tool that is very useful for dealing with mature women. This comes from my sheer cockiness, thinking that I am on top of the world. This is a strictly direct way of dealing with phone numbers. Not only is it highly effective, but it gives you a ton of value in the eyes of the woman. This stems from me being strictly direct about everything; not allowing a woman to categorize me with other men.

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The technique that I’ve been using recently, is while I’m talking to a mature girl, I tell her that she seems pretty cool, and that I’d call her, but I don’t know her like that yet. I then give her the bit about how I don’t want some random ass mature girl in my phone. Right then and there, you start to raise your value. She’s thinking “This guy says that he doesn’t want my phone number.”. It also places a carrot in front of her to chase after, as she starts to feel the need to prove herself to you. Again, this is nothing I made up; it’s just something I started saying because I just don’t like to deal with a lot of phone numbers in my phone.

This sets you up for later. What I like to do, is wait until the VERY LAST SECOND to get a phone number. I’ll be talking to a mature girl, and as the bar is closing or her friends are leaving, at the very last possible moment, I’ll tell her to give me her phone. The fucking suspense kills them, as they are really thinking to themselves that I’m really not going to ask for their phone number. You should see the fucking look in their eyes when they know that time is running out and the pressure is mounting for her to leave the bar as it is closing or her friends are ready to go.

I invest heavily into my mature women, and what I mean by this, is that I’m not one of those guys that goes around amassing phone numbers. I make sure that there is a real connection before I even think about getting a phone number, and even then, I wait until the last possible second. I will literally spend the entire night talking to just one or two mature girls. When you establish the mutual attraction for one another from the get-go, this allows you to spend more time with mature women, as you have solid verification that she is attracted to you.

And lastly, I tell mature girls that I don’t text, and not to text me. I tell them that I am going to call. Every now and then, a mature girl will insist on texting me anyway, at which point I will flat out tell them that I don’t text. If they text me anyway, I just call back. I don’t play that sissy boy text game. The last thing I need, is for a mature girl to categorize me with every other guy she gives her number to. My guess is that most men text, as it is safer than calling and allows them not to have a backbone. Not me. I don’t have time to play text tag. I’m calling, setting up a date, and that’s that. Texting is reserved strictly for my friends, mature women I’ve already slept with, and mature women I’m dating.

When you text, you get caught up in casual meaningless chit-chat. It allows mature women to put you off until they feel like responding, bullshit you, and it just takes FOREVER to get a solid date set up. When you call, you get all of this solved in a minute or two: Hi, how are you doing(?), I’ll pick you up on Tuesday around 8. Boom. Done.